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See this photo of a beautiful kitchen with a wooden table. This photo was taken last year of December. Visit us at for more of our kitchen and bathroom ideas photos.

After a couple of years, you may see that your house isn't as dynamic as it once might have been. Just like ourselves, our homes likewise require consideration, care, and a touch of an update once in a while. The ideal approach to deal with your house is to update it with new looks and renovate damaged zones. That is the reason we have created KBI (, a definitive guide for styling and renovating the two most visited and essential rooms in your home –kitchen and bathroom.

KBI is your one-stop-shop for a wide range of latest kitchen and bathroom renovation ideas. Our team incorporates professional designers, kitchen experts, and bathroom specialists who all work together to transform your dream of the perfect bathroom or kitchen into a reality.

We work on the high standards of quality workmanship and extraordinary client support by providing the latest designs and information on kitchen and bathroom remodelling. By consulting KBI for your next bathroom or kitchen renovation project, you can be sure of receiving the perfect results.

In case you are a homeowner in Australia and are thinking about a home redesign for your bathroom or kitchen, thenKBI is your best destination. We offer a full scope of service to take you through the exciting renovation ideas, unique designs, and remodelling process. Read throughourto discover our exclusive range of bathroom and kitchen ideas.

How much do you love this bathroom tiling job we completed with glossy gray finish porcelain tiles. Visit our page for full details and to see more of our photos at
Here is a photo of a beautiful bathroom tiling job we completed with herringbone pattern wall tiles. See more of our photos at
Renovation Ideas

When you intend to improve certain portions of either your kitchen or bathroom or even do a full renovation of both of these rooms, it tends to be an incredibly overwhelming job. There are typically many tasks to fulfil before getting your dream renovation.

It can be very confusing tasks as a wide range of options are available. That is where KBI comes in. We handle each aspect of your renovation project. We provide a wide variety of bathroom and kitchen renovation ideas.

Moreover, our team at Shepparton Bathrooms will help you select the best renovation as per your requirement and budget. Our team has pervasive knowledge relating to the different types of designs, renovation styles, and hardware. Hence, always trust KBI when it comes to renovating your bathroom or kitchen.

Before you need to rush to find the best and cost-effective bathroom or kitchen renovation ideas for your next renovation project, pick up your phone and call KBI. We have got you covered. From exceptional ideas to best tiles, sinks, taps, and appliances recommendations, we even work closely with Bendigo Insulation, we have everything that you need to accomplish your dream of a perfect bathroom.

So if you are searching for a one-stop destination for all your kitchen and bathroom renovation needs, you have come to the correct spot.

Check out our blog for useful kitchen and bathroom ideas, recommendations & suggestions. With many years of experience, we are thrilled to share these for you.


    How much do you love this photo of a modern kitchen design ideas with wood finish wall cabinet and a marble finish backsplash. Visit us at for more of our pictures.

    With regards to home renovation, the room that first strikes a chord is the kitchen. There are scarcely any home renovation projects that can coordinate the sensation and pride of a remodelled kitchen. Regardless of whether it is adjusting the design, re-tiling the floors, or installing countertops and cabinets, there are various advantages to kitchen renovations.

    Provided that the kitchen is one of the most visited and essential rooms in the home, you need to feel as pleasant and comfy as possible. While you need to coordinate the fundamentals, for example, the work triangle, perfect lighting, and updated appliances, you should likewise have the opportunity toinclude your designs.

    All parts of your home may require a much-needed renovation. In case you intend to improve the design and style of your home, the kitchen is one of the principal rooms in your home that needs significant improvement. Your kitchen is one of the central spaces in your home.

    Whether you are planning to expand your living space or using Bendigo Paving to renovate your outdoor area or selling your house, a kitchen renovation project is a significant investment. Here are the advantages of kitchen rebuilding that you have to know.

    Here is a photo of a beautiful kitchen tiling job we completed with white hex backsplash tiles. Visit our page for full details and to see more of our photos at

    While renovating the kitchen, you either make some additions or reductions. The main goal of all these remodellings is to improve the general purpose of the kitchen, which is cooking. Cooking in a renovated kitchen turns out to be all the more simple, smooth, fun, and useful.

    Here is a photo of a beautiful kitchen design with wood finish wall cabinets. This photo was taken last month of January this year. See more of our photos at

    Kitchen renovating incorporates including or changing different electronic appliances. In this way, you can select electronic devices that are more energy efficient. LED fittings are the best option for lightning as they are more energy-efficient. Therefore, changing electric appliances in the kitchen makes it more energy efficient.

    How much do you love this photo of a luxury modern kitchen design with marble finish counter and kitchen backsplash. Visit our page for full details and to see more of our photos at

    Changing your electric gadgets with other energy proficient options makes your kitchen eco-friendly. Consequently, consider available materials for your floors and countertops, for example, wood and bamboo. Preceding considering rebuilding your kitchen, it truly pays to do legitimate research. You can visit our website for a wide range of the latest kitchen renovation ideas.

    Modern kitchen design

    Something as simple as including a kitchen isle can improve the safety and simplicity of working in the kitchen. Accordingly, when considering a kitchen, plunk down with the experts at KBI. Think about features, which make your working in the kitchen more comfortable and straightforward.

    Also, take into consideration different features that can help in making your kitchen a more secure work environment. You can conceal perilous devices like pointed and sharp blades in a cluttered room. It is fundamental to pick a design that makes your kitchen safe and effective.

    High ceiling light color kitchen

    Kitchen renovations have a brilliant record of achievement of exceptional return on benefits. Incredibly, most of the kitchen renovationspay when you decide to sell your home. Besides, this, a redesigned kitchen will help you in finding the perfect buyer for your house. The vast majority of people love possessing their dream houses.

    Thus, all rooms, including the kitchen, ought to be great. A properly planned kitchen renovation venture is a colossal method to improve the style and appearance of your kitchen. Like this, you are renovating your kitchen with the assistance of KBI specialists is extremely valuable to you as the homeowner.

    Kitchen renovating is a costly endeavour that you would prefer not to compromise. Therefore, make sure to go for a contractual worker that has the right stuff, legitimate devices, and experience to perform an incredible job.

    light airy kitchen renovation

    When you renovate your kitchen, it will look great and fresh again. This may reestablish your love for engaging loved ones and cooking. Renovating your kitchen will guarantee that the kitchen is a superior space for you and your family. This will likewise give your kitchen a fresh and new look. Your kitchen may look tedious, arduous just as old now; anyway you will adore the vibe of the space after remodelling.

    large space kitchen renovation

    Up to date kitchen are regularly jumbled and overcrowded, with a kitchen renovation project, you can include a few cupboards, some extra racking, under the counter storage and maybe an overhead pot rack.

    The kitchen renovation can add a lot of space to your kitchen, therefore, permitting you to move uninhibitedly. Our incredible kitchen renovation ideas will help you increase the space of your kitchen in many different ways. Once your renovation project is finished, you will have plenty of space to move around, engage your guests just as perfect and cook your preferred dinners.

    You will likewise have more storage capacity. As should be obvious, redesigning your kitchen could bring many unique and unusual advantages.

    You ought to never think about a bathroom renovation project as an additional cost. Indeed, even the littlest update includes an enormous measure of advantage. Keep in mind that the bathroom is the most visited place you and most others spend a very significant amount of time in the bathroom.

    What you do in there is your business, obviously, yet regardless of what it is, would prefer you not to do it in sumptuous solace? At any rate, you would prefer not to do it in a place with a leakage, faulty flush, or while looking at an unpleasant plain wall. Therefore, bathroom renovations are necessary to keep your bathroom trendy and updated. Moreover, it increases the allure and overall worth of your house. Below are the few advantages of bathroom renovations:

    Bendigo Tiling & Waterproofing - Shower repairs 2

    From split floor tiles to a lavatory that runs continually, the bathroom is used too frequently that it won't be long until the defects arise and a well-planned bathroom renovation project will prevent these kinds for the problem for a long time.

    How much do you Modern bathroom renovation design with big white bath tubs and wood finish floor tiles. Visit our page for full details and to see more of our photos at

    Such a significant number of smart, sharp, and productive advancements have been made as to sinks, toilets, and lighting that a bathroom renovating venture frequently makes homeowners wonder why they stood by so long to begin one. In case you think your bathroom is too little to even think about accommodating the advance featuresyou'd like, let the experienced team of experts at KBIto show you different options.

    See this photo of a bathroom renovation job we completed with marble finish wall tiles. Visit our page for full details and to see more of our photos at

    Most renovating work expands a home's worth to many folds. When selling a home, potential purchasers commonly look to the bathrooms to establish a statement about the home in general. If your bathroom is decent, they accept everything else is pleasant too.

    A few people go out explicitly searching for renovated bathrooms. A bathroom renovation by Echuca Tiling is a significant investment and has a high return on investment. It doesn't generally happen that way; however, if you focus on the subtleties, you can make the most out of your bathroom.

    Regardless of whether you have no plans on selling your home shortly, it will feel great realizing that your bathroom is updated, stylish, and pleasant. KBI's exclusive collection of unique and exciting bathroom renovation ideas will help you achieve your dream bathroom renovation.

    Here is a photo of a modern bathroom design with large frameless bathroom mirror. This photo was taken last year of December. Visit us at for more of our photos.

    An open and large bathroom enables you to clean it all the more adequately. Indeed, there is a physiological angle to an increasingly beautiful bathroom. Just because it is new and remodelled, you may have even more a drive and motivator to keep it flawless.

    When managing your old bathroom, you can turn into somewhat careless in keeping it clean. Moreover, old appliances and bathroom segments can shroud things that add to terrible hygiene. For example, corroded pipes convey stuff to your shower, flush, and sink that you most likely don't need to contact you.

    All that rusty buildup on your shower head is nothing you need blending in with your water. These things incorporate microscopic organisms, germs, and pathogens. A speedy renovation, or a total update, can make that specific issue leave.

    Glass bathroom renovation

    A typical mix-up numerous homeowners make is accepting that they're constrained distinctly to the space they as of now have in a bathroom. Our exceptional bathroom ideas and professional consultants can tell you the best way to change the design of a bathroom to increase its space and include all more countertops, shelves, and cabinets

    spacious bathroom renovation

    A bathroom redesign by Cairns Tiling will make your bathroom look better. Be that as it may, it will likewise enhance the overall look and allure of your home.  Appearance isn't all that matters. It is trivial to make a bathroom look better without including advanced functionality; however, appearance counts for a great deal.

    Try not to be the individual with the lovely home and ghastly bathroom. This goes for the entirety of your bathrooms also. A few people will update the primary bathroom, however, disregard the second or half shower. Your other bathrooms merit love as well. Additionally, a decent appearance is pleasing and adds to your comfort.

    Wood tiles wall bathroom renovation

    You don't need to go totally "eco-friendly." However, updating old energy appliances and devices can assist you with saving some extra cash. Numerous individuals believe that these updates will make you miss out on your solaces, yet that isn't accurate.

    Energy-efficient lighting is more pleasing and cost-effective. You can save a large amount of cash by doing these little updates yourself. Changing a defected shower head isn't the most troublesome thing on the planet. Nor is installing some new lights. Browse our incredible bathroom renovation ideas to make the most of your money, energy, and time.

    Energy efficient bathroom renovation