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Renovating a bathroom is an exciting prospect, and many homeowners look forward to such a project. You too might be looking forward to a new vintage, lighting, fixtures, mirrors, tiles or paint. However, you may start questioning your decision when you’re presented with the cost analysis.

Bathroom remodelling is an investment of your efforts, time and money on elements such as layout decisions, materials and finding an expert to undertake the project.

The article will provide you with in-depth information about bathroom remodelling to help you understand what to expect when you go into the renovation project. The details will make the process of creating a dream bathroom much lighter.

Bathroom renovation completed by out bathroom expert staff with large wall mirror

The Cost of Bathroom Remodelling

One of the best sought after information by most homeowners is the average bathroom remodel cost. Unfortunately, there is no one standard price for all bathroom remodelling projects. The cost is determined by several factors, such as the materials you intend to use and the size of your bathroom.


Personal savings can fund bathroom remodelling. If you opt to finance the project through your savings, you need to discuss this with the contractor. Tell the tradesman how much you intend to spend.


Companies in the financial sector have different types of loan that you can use to fund your bathroom renovation. You can negotiate for the best interest rates in either a personal loan or home equity loan.

Instead of having an exact budget, it’s essential to leave a cushion to take care of unforeseen costs or additions that might be recommended by the contractor. Another crucial factor is to work with an efficient and transparent professional who can try to avoid additional expenses and one who can explain how they will be spending your money.

Features of Bathroom Remodelling

The renovation budget that you created above is going to fund the following bathroom features.


One of the reasons as to why you’re undertaking a bathroom remodelling is to change its layout. You want to increase the usable space so that you and your family can enjoy using the bathroom. Thus, rather than trying to retain the existing floor layout to save on plumbing and construction, it better to use this opportunity to change certain functions that you don’t like. These changes will make your bathroom more relaxing and can enjoy spending more time showering.

The change in layout is another way to increase your home’s value. For instance, making the space more efficient attracts potential buyers, transforms a dull, crowded space into an open space that you will love and use for many years.

Floor and Wall Materials

There are several areas you’re going to modify during the bathroom remodelling project. They include the flooring, countertops, walls and other surfaces. These are the most renovated areas in a bathroom because you want to have a modern space that is exciting and inviting since this is where you begin your day. Thus choose appealing surface materials and those that fit well with your budget.


Renovation budget includes the cost of replacing the old fixtures with new ones. They include shower, tub, toilet, sinks, mirrors, and other hardware. You can retain some old accessories that are in good condition to lower your cost or refurbish them to blend well with the few new ones you will introduce in the bathroom.

Tubs and showers are costly elements that can raise your bathroom remodelling budget. However, you can maintain the cost low by choosing one item over the other. Thus, pick either a tub or a shower based on what is most important to you and one that fits wells with your budget.

Factors to Consider

Photo of our bathroom renovation done by our expert staff with white bathtub


It’s very essential that you keep in mind the size and scale of your bathroom when choosing its components. For instance, ensure that your smaller layout or powder bathroom has more floor space by not crowding it with more significant fixtures since it’s an already limited room. Thus, you can opt for a pedestal sink rather than a cabinet sink to create more space.

Another option is to increase your bathroom by a few feet to get yourself more space and increase your home value because it will become more efficient and desirable.

On the other hand, your master bathroom might be too spacious, and you want to ensure that space is utilized during the remodelling. One way you can fill that space is by adding a vanity or a stand-alone tub.

Kitchen Bathroom Ideas will give you helpful advice should you be stuck on what is best for your bathroom. The team of interior designers and professional contractors will guide you during the bathroom remodelling project.


Some of the reasons why you can remodel your bathroom is for resale and aesthetics purposes. However, it’s essential to be consistent with your home style, no matter the reasons.

Consider modernizing your bathroom by giving it the latest vintage touch such as a stand-alone tub, or subway tiles. Kitchen Bathroom Ideas can help you with suggestions on features, fixtures and design elements that fit your preferences and style.

Such information will help the contractor to understand what you want to achieve in this project and make their work much easier.


The concept has gained popularity in most recent years because homeowners are seeking opportunities to save money by buying efficient products. Therefore, it’s crucial to determine what will benefit you in the long run. You can achieve this by investing in a low-flush toilet, or ceiling-high cabinets. It’s also an unpractical design to include steps leading to your bathtub because they will not serve your needs in the future or as you age.


Where to store your products such as cleaning detergents, toilet paper, cosmetics, towels, or medicine should be included in your bathroom remodelling budget because it’s an essential aspect. The room can be overwhelmed by the wide variety of products it houses; thus, it’s crucial to add enough vanities, cabinets and shelves when you renovate it.

The article has told you what to expect when remodelling your bathroom. You can gather more information from experts like Kitchen Bathroom Ideas. Contact them for more suggestions. Visit us at or email us at

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