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Does your kitchen need a facelift? You will agree that this space is the heart of your home, thus the need to create an appealing and highly functional kitchen. 

While there is no ideal shape, there are several kitchen designs available for you to select. There are also numerous mistakes that homeowners do when redesigning their kitchen. 

For that reason, it’s vital to put function ahead of the shape of the kitchen. Thus, whether you go for a gallery, L, or U-shaped kitchen, you should ensure that you have enough space for the cooktop, fridge, sink, and movement. 

The following are kitchen design tips that you should consider and the mistakes to avoid when remodelling this space. 

Modern kitchen design ideas with wood finish wall cabinet and a marble finish backsplash

Kitchen Triangle Designs 

The kitchen triangle entails the sink, refrigerator, and stove. It’s a busy area in this room, so you have to design your kitchen triangle carefully and avoid obstructed access.   

The sink is the busiest section of the triangle; thus, it needs to be easily accessible at any given time. The area should be built near the plumbing; however, most kitchens have sinks made in a poor location due to the placement of these pipes.  

This is a mistake that can be easily avoided by hiring a plumber to shift the plumbing to a location that can accommodate the sink adequately. 

Further, irrespective of the kitchen layout and size, the number of legs in the triangle should be between 10 and 25 feet. A small work triangle causes people to trip over one another while a large one makes food preparation too tiring since the sink, fridge, and cooker are widely spaced. 

Storage Space Wastage 

The kitchen has several items, and the cabinets have to conceal much stuff, such as stand mixers and food processors. Therefore, homeowners should select kitchen designs with adequate space for their appliances, and still keep them easily accessible.  

Thus, avoid the design mistake of not providing enough storage for even tiny kitchens have a lot of wasted space, which can be minimized by planned kitchen renovation. 

One suggestion for a small kitchen is to install extra-long upper cabinets, thus more storage space. You can also increase lighting in this area to draw attention.    

You can also install cabinets above the refrigerator to store seasonal kitchen items and put shelves on the lower kitchen cabinet. 

Poor Ventilation  

Most kitchen designs have faded as a result of stinky cooking odours. For instance, does your kitchen have last nights fish odour in the air? The reason behind this lingering smell is poor ventilation. 

Proper ventilation improves the quality of the indoor air, keeps the space looking cleaner, and enhances the lifespan of your kitchen appliances. 

sound ventilation system needs a significant investment, but this makes cooking enjoyable, and dining more pleasant, mainly when the kitchen opens to the family room or living area. 

Bad Lighting  

One of the biggest mistakes in most kitchen designs is building a room that is dimly lit. The problem affects both the atmosphere and the design of the kitchen.   

The room should have task lighting that guarantees safety because you handle sharp knives, hot pots, and delicate containers. Thus, its essential to see where you are stepping or placing items. 

Further, proper lighting enhances the appearance of the room, thus helping you show off your kitchenware, fixtures, and design elements. 

For that reason, you should design a kitchen with three types of lighting. 

  • General lighting  
  • Accent lighting 
  • Task lighting  

You can elevate each work area by installing light directly above it. Next, you can mount pendant lights to enhance the functionality and beauty of the entire kitchen.  

One of the trendy kitchen designs is installing under cabinet lighting to illuminate the counters where everyday kitchen tasks are performed, a series of mini-pendants above the kitchen islands and breakfast bars, and pendants above your kitchen sinks. 

Dont Overlook the Backsplash 

A backsplash is typically placed at the end of the list when remodelling the kitchen or budgeting. Thus, its seen as the least essential item and the first to drop to avoid going above budget.   

Although the decision may save you money now, it will cost time and effort in the long run. The grease, steam, and water from the cooking pot stain the wall and counters. 

Therefore, installing backsplash on these areas is a wise way to keep your kitchen stains free. For instance, it’s easier to clean tiled, plastic, and metallic backsplash than wallpaper or wall paint. 

Thus, when evaluating different kitchen designs, ensure that your option incorporates backsplashes. 

Kitchen tiling job we completed with white hex backsplash tiles

Limited Counter Space 

Some kitchen designs have no sufficient counter space, yet several cooking activities are done here. For instancesome appliances are permanently stored here, for they require an open horizontal surface area. 

However, you can circumvent this challenge by adding a breakfast bar or island in a kitchen design that cant offer enough counter space.  

Selecting Trendy Designs and Colors 

While every homeowner desires to have a modern kitchen, following the latest kitchen trends is not one of the best choices.  

These latest designs and colours don’t last long; thus, they leave your kitchen looking outdated. Further, your investment in the latest kitchenware is a waste because you will remodel your kitchen soon to give it a modern look. 

Therefore, look for timeless kitchen appliances and innovations to avoid the additional cost of remodelling this space regularly. 

Ignoring Kitchen Designs Professionals 

Planning a kitchen remodelling project is an exciting activity for most homeowners because it’s geared towards saving money. However, the outcome of the project can be frustrating if you do it wrong. 

Therefore, don’t ignore professional designers for they have a wide array of latest kitchen designs ideas and information. For instance, experts from the Kitchen Bathroom Ideas can help you examine your needs and translate them into a beautiful and functional cooking space. They will ensure that the plan is efficient and fits your budget and taste. 

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